1st Prize - Creuna Case Competition 2017.

Finished prototype/mock-up of the "sound cheese".

Together with Biljana Celebija, Michael Jensen, Brenda Jannani Casipillai and Malthe Stavning Erslev, I won 1st prize in a case competition by Creuna, as a part of a course in advanced interaction design at Aarhus University. Our contribution was an "sound-cheese", allowing shoppers to "mix" their own cheese flavor, based on a sonification of the 5 main taste elements: salt, sweet, sour, bitter and umami.

My contribution:

I contributed with ideation and conceptualization, built most of the physical shell of the prototype, and did the sound design. Listen to a short mix of 2 of the 5 taste elements here:

Basic operation of the cheese:

  • Mix a sound you like, by turning the 5 knobs
  • Press the white button to print a taste chart of the sound you just mixed
  • Get a taste of a cheese which corresponds to your chart

How does your favorite cheese sound?

The basic concept was to allow the user to associate more freely over taste elements, by speaking to a sense perhaps least used to decide on which cheese to buy - the sense of hearing. A sound you like, might surprise you with its corresponding taste. Only one way to find out...


  • Arduino, PC running Processing (for audio mix and playback)
  • Reaper, misc. software synths (sound design and editing)
  • Cardboard, Acrylic paint, bits and pieces

Under the hood: SparkFun RedBoard hooked up to PC running Processing.