Delete Y/N - Your Personal Anti-Big-Data Cloud Platform.

Ask yourself:

How much data do you really need to store in the Cloud?

A digital prototype created as a student project for exhibition at Internet Week Denmark 2017, Delete Y/N shaves your personal cloud-usage down to the minimum:

  • File storage: A maximum of 4 files pr user.
  • Chat: Do try to keep words under 3 characters in length!
  • Log: Lets everyone see how much data everyone is using.


Reduce your personal carbon-footprint by minimizing your use of Cloud-storage servers! Delete Y/N gives you an excuse to dust off your old SMS-shorthand skills and take them to new heights, while shaming you into posting as few cat-photos as humanly possible.

Celebrate the monthly #DataDeletionDay with your fellow data-deniers or give them a hard time about their excessive data-usage (100kb pr month for everyone should be more than enough!).

Try the prototype here (in Danish)!


30 mins of Netflix streaming emits 1,6 kg CO2, and in 2022 an estimated 80% of all online-traffic will be taken up by online video. Data centres may consume 8% of the total global energy produced in 2030. Enough said, right? Read more here: The Shift Project


  • HTML (keep it ugly!)
  • CSS (not much)
  • JavaScript (over 40 lines - quite embarrassing really!)